Report: The science may be settled, but the press coverage isn’t

Ars Technica discusses how climate science may be settled, but the press coverage isn’t. Major papers use a disproportionate amount of companies’ anti-climate change PR.

Lots of the mainstream press has struggled with a desire to maintain what they think is objectivity in the face of scientific evidence. On matters like evolution and climate change, major outlets have instead tried to present balance between two opposing sides. But this was so obviously problematic that John Oliver made fun of it, so we must be doing better now, right?

Maybe not. New research from Brown University’s Rachel Wetts suggests that major newspapers are still more likely to feature the views of business interests and still overrepresent people who don’t seem to accept the reality of climate change.

The source was provided by Brown University here.

The research was published on Monday, July 27 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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