Report: Tabulating the Victims of Plastic Pollution

Hakai Magazine discusses Tabulating the Victims of Plastic Pollution. Hundreds of sea turtles and marine mammals have been choked, snared, and hooked by plastic debris.

When biologists in Florida dissected the carcass of a manatee, they found its stomach and intestinal tract clogged with plastic bags. In Oregon, a photographer found a harbor seal at rest on the beach with a plastic strap so deeply girdled around its neck that it was almost concealed by blubber and inflamed skin. And at a South Carolina rescue center, a loggerhead turtle undergoing rehabilitation defecated more than 50 pieces of plastic.

These are just several of the nearly 1,800 events compiled in a new report from the marine conservation group Oceana. The report explores, in graphic detail, how plastic waste is directly harming the ocean’s inhabitants.

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