Report: Six shocking climate events that happened around the world this week

This Think Progress article discusses six shocking climate events that happened around the world during the first week of July 2019. Heat waves, melting glaciers, and wasp “super nests.” From an increase in the population of iguanas in Florida and super nests of wasps in Alabama, to world-class soccer stars competing in record-breaking heat in France and torrential rainfall in India, this week has seen a slew of unprecedented and unexpected climate impacts.

New analysis out this week by scientists trying to decipher the degree to which climate change played a role in these soaring temperatures revealed that global warming may indeed have made the heat wave “at least five times” more likely.

A Carbon Brief article discusses a preliminary analysis by scientists at the World Weather Attribution network finds that the average temperature of such a heatwave in France is now “4C higher” than it would have been a century ago, the authors say.

Using climate models, the authors conclude that such an increase in heatwave intensity was made at least five times more likely by human-caused climate change.

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