Report: How Much Would Trump’s Climate Rule Rollbacks Worsen Health and Emissions?

This article discusses How Much Trump’s Climate Rule Rollbacks Would Worsen Health and Emissions. Using government data, a new analysis adds up the harm to humans and the climate from scrapping 6 greenhouse gas rules involving cars, power plants and oil and gas.

The report, released Tuesday, homes in on six rules the administration has either tried to suspend or has announced plans to roll back, then calculates the possible damage based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department. The regulations include:

  • The Clean Power Plan, which would cut emissions from electric utilities;
  • Clean car standards, which would boost fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from passenger vehicles;
  • Glider truck pollution rules, which would close a loophole used by freight-hauling trucks with super-polluting rebuilt engines;
  • Methane standards for new and existing oil and gas sites, which would reduce emissions of the highly potent short-lived climate pollutant;
  • Methane reductions on federal lands, which would reduce venting and flaring of natural gas on property leased to oil and gas companies by the Interior Department, and
  • Landfill methane rules, which would cut emissions from municipal waste dumps.

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