Report: Global climate battle shifts to “once-in-a-generation” government spending

Politico discusses how the global climate battle is shifting to “once-in-a-generation” government spending. Economic decisions in 2020 will set course for international climate change efforts for decades to come.

Carbon emissions are set to fall by historic amounts this year, but environmental advocates aren’t celebrating.

Instead, they are zeroing in on a new battle: putting green conditions on the trillions in stimulus funds governments around the world are pumping into their economies to help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

They will have to overcome a series of obstacles to achieve that goal, more than 30 officials, activists and analysts said in interviews with POLITICO.

A new Ipsos-Mori poll across 14 countries in the G20 shows a majority in every country surveyed agrees economic recovery should “prioritize climate change.” Lawmakers, however, must balance that sentiment with requests for bailouts and regulatory relief from sectors that are both hard-hit and high-polluting, including aviation, auto makers and fossil fuels.

It’s still early days in this trench warfare, but thus far government leaders’ lofty green rhetoric hasn’t been matched with actions.

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