Report: 6 articles on climate change and heat

The first article discusses how CLIMATE CHANGE WILL EXPOSE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN U.S. TO ‘OFF-THE-CHARTS’ EXTREME HEAT. In the coming decades, climate change will lead to a significant increase in the frequency and severity of extreme heat across the contiguous United States, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has warned. The organization has conducted an analysis of current heat trends to make predictions about the future climate for a new report and accompanying study published in the journal Environmental Research Communications.

The second article discusses a Union of Concerned Scientists report on How ‘Florida really tops the charts’ of states climate change will heat up.

The third article titled D.C. Averages A Week Of 100-Degree Days. Climate Change Could Make That Two Months. also discusses the Union of Concerned Scientists analysis of the effect climate change will have on extreme heat across the United States. They used 18 climate models to project the change in extreme heat, depending on how quickly the world takes action to reduce carbon emissions.

The fourth article also discusses the Union of Concerned Scientists study, mentioning how Louisiana and Florida will have the biggest spike in ‘extreme heat’ days, which could force a ‘culture shift’.

A fifth article discusses how Nunavut, in the Arctic, is warmer than Victoria, Canada this year.

The sixth article, from The Guardian, discusses how record temperatures across much of the world over the past two weeks could make July the hottest month ever measured on Earth, according to climate scientists.

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