Report: 2018 was the fourth warmest year on record

This article discusses the fact that 2018 was the fourth warmest year on record.  It also points to this becoming a ‘new normal,’ scientist group reports. The year was one in a string that have been a full degree Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, warmer than temperatures in the late 19th century, the report found.

The year 2018 is likely to have been the fourth warmest year on record, a scientific group pronounced Thursday — and joins three other extra-hot years since 2015 that suggest a leap upward in warmth that the Earth may never return from in our lifetimes.

The warmest year on record for the Earth’s land and oceans was 2016 — by a long shot, thanks to a very strong El Nino event. That’s followed by 2017, 2015, and now 2018, said Zeke Hausfather, a research scientist with Berkeley Earth, which released the findings.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service, a European Union body, has also proclaimed 2018 the fourth warmest year on record earlier this month.

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