Report: 2 articles on the woes facing the Coal industry

The Guardian discusses why Coal industry will never recover after coronavirus pandemic, say experts. Crisis has proved renewable energy is now a safer investment, and accelerated the shift.

This week, a new report by the US Energy Information Administration projected the US would produce more electricity this year from renewables than from coal for the first time. Industry analysts predict coal’s share of US electricity generation could fall to just 10% in five years, down from 50% a decade ago. Despite Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to “dig coal”, there are now more job losses and closures in the industry than at any time since Eisenhower’s presidency 60 years ago. Among the latest has been Great River Energy’s plan to shut down a 1.1-gigawatt thermal plant in North Dakota and replace it with wind and gas.

Thomson Reuters Foundation discusses how the world’s largest wealth fund blacklists Glencore, other giants over coal use.

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