Reaction mixed to environmental grand jury findings

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses various reactions to grand jury findings that show that fracking is dangerous to peoples’ health.

A statewide grand jury investigating environmental and health impacts of the shale gas industry heard testimony that some children exposed to emissions from those operations develop a painful condition that looks like alligator skin and is common enough to get its own nickname: “frack rash.”

The grand jury also was told children in the shale gas drilling regions of southwestern and northeastern Pennsylvania experienced severe nighttime nosebleeds, cramping, bruising and vomiting, and doctors testified that children who have suffered persistent health problems related to shale gas operations near their homes should participate in regular cancer screenings.

Dogs and horses drank tainted water, got ill and died, according to the grand jury report released last week by state Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Goats, sheep and cows became infertile or produced deformed offspring. Blood tests conducted after the animals died showed fracking-related chemicals in their bodies.

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