Quebec to ban shale gas fracking, tighten rules for oil and gas drilling

This article discusses where and why Quebec has banned fracking. New measures ban drilling for oil and gas in 1-km zone around urban areas, including Montreal.

The Quebec government is banning fracking for shale gas provincewide.

Pierre Moreau, the minister of energy and natural resources, announced a series of new measures to regulate oil and gas exploration Wednesday afternoon in Quebec City.

The ban on fracking for shale gas, he said, would protect the low-lying Lower St. Lawrence region in particular.

Under the new measures, which will amend Quebec’s Petroleum Resources Act, passed in 2016, the government would also ban drilling for oil and gas in 13 waterways across the province.

That includes the Lake of Two Mountains, Lake Memphremagog and the St. Lawrence River, Moreau said.

“The story of the energy transition is being written, and these rules on hydrocarbons are part of that,” Moreau said.

He said the government is approaching the issue with “caution.”


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