Plastic Pollution

This Audubon Society article discusses how plastics are harming birds. Fishing line snares vast numbers of wildlife each year—a problem birders and outdoor groups are trying to combat.

This article discusses how 180 countries — except US — agree to plastic waste agreement. After 12 days of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, countries have agreed to treat plastic as hazardous waste. Germany is considering a ban that would go even further. The deal was struck after 1,400 representatives met for 12 days of discussions at a United Nations Environment Program meeting in Geneva. The deal essentially updates the 1989 Basel Convention on the control of hazardous waste to include plastic.

This Inside Climate News article discusses how investors are pressuring the O&G industry on ocean plastics pollution. Climate-conscious shareholders who have long focused on fossil fuel damage are turning attention to another growing and related problem: plastics.


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