Mountain Valley Pipeline Revises Cost Estimate

This article discusses how the Mountain Valley Pipeline cost estimates have increased substantially.

Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, today, announced that it has increased its overall project cost estimate to $4.6 billion. Approximately half of the cost increase is due to extended periods of work stoppage during August that triggered ongoing contractual charges and schedule changes – with the balance relating to extraordinary rainfall events that continued through the summer, recent hurricane preparedness actions that interrupted full-construction activities, and certain unanticipated construction cost overruns.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cleared MVP to restart full construction on August 29, 2018, with exception of approximately 25 miles of the route. Based on the current construction plan, MVP expects to complete more than 50% of the pipeline by year-end. The halting of construction due to court challenges from environmental opponents have caused lengthy project delays, material cost increases, and burdens for local communities and agencies; and have also impeded the delivery of low-cost energy resources to consumers and other end-user markets.

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