Major solar project in Spotsylvania targeted by climate skeptics, fossil fuel interests

This article discusses how a major solar project in Spotsylvania was targeted by climate skeptics and fossil fuel interests.

A 500 megawatt solar project in Spotsylvania County, Virginia has drawn attacks from climate skeptics, fossil fuel interests, and right-wing news outlets.

The Spotsylvania Solar Energy Center, developed by sPower, was first proposed in December of 2017 and would be the largest solar farm on the east coast. Apple, Etsy, Microsoft and the University of Richmond are among the customers lined up to purchase power from the new solar farm.

The only poll on the project, which was commissioned by sPower, found 67 percent of local residents in support, and 27 percent opposed.

Residents’ concerns received some attention in the local media early on in the debate over the proposed project, and soon became the subject of much hype from the echo chamber of renewable energy opponents backed by the fossil fuel industry. Fox News and Sean Hannity recently added to the furor.

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