It’s Human Nature Not To Think About Rising Seas. Here’s Why — And What Can Be Done

This article discusses why it is so difficult to get people to realize just how bad sea level rise will be.

If current sea-level rise trends continue, the ocean that makes many South Florida cities desirable places to live may become an existential threat.

That’s according to scientists and planners from multiple regional, national and international agencies who say South Florida could experience two feet of sea-level rise by 2060 and six feet by 2100. That amount of sea-level rise would not only cause flooding that would wreak havoc on homes, roads and drinking water suppliesit could lead to a financial catastrophe for a region whose economy is based largely on real estate and tourism.

Yet compared with problems like traffic and the high cost of living in South Florida, sea-level rise may not feel like a particularly urgent threat — especially in communities that don’t currently experience flooding during king tides or after rainstorms.

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