Hurricane Florence Is a Warning of What’s to Come

This article discusses the link between hurricanes and climate change. As another catastrophic hurricane bears down on the U.S., President Trump continues to stifle any plan that could slow down climate change.

Right now, Hurricane Florence is spinning toward the mid-Atlantic coast like a giant thermo-aquatic buzz saw. Hurricanes are fickle and can shapeshift at the last minute, but Florence is on track to be one of the biggest hurricanes in U.S. history, with winds that are expected to accelerate to 155 mph and a storm surge up to 15 or 20 feet. Already 1.5 million people have been evacuated from the Carolina coast, and surely more evacuation orders are to come. This is a monster storm, and it will likely have a devastating impact on the people who live in the region. And Florence is just one of three big storms that are spinning simultaneously in the Atlantic, at what is historically the peak of hurricane season.

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