Homeowners down the shore stand to lose millions from sea level rise

This article discusses homeowners down the shore stand to lose millions from sea level rise. Knowledge of sea level rise has not stopped building in vulnerable areas along the New Jersey and Delaware coasts.

Despite greater attention to the risks of sea level rise, housing construction in the most vulnerable areas of the country is growing more quickly than in safer, drier locations, according to a new report by the research organization Climate Central and the real estate website Zillow.

New Jersey and Delaware beach towns top the list where the expensive houses are going up in areas where scientists know flooding will be common, rather than rare. Homeowners in those communities stand to lose millions of dollars from future sea level rise.
Researchers looked at areas of the country with the risk of regular flooding, defined as at least one flood a year, by 2050.
Communities along the New Jersey and Delaware coastline have the most to lose, according to the report. Five of the top 10 towns nationwide with the largest growth rate in housing built since 2009 at risk of regular floods are at the Jersey Shore. And the top 10 counties include three along the Jersey coast – Ocean, Cape May and Atlantic counties. Delaware’s Sussex County is also in the top 10.

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