Global-Frackdown European Green Party Congress in UK: Anti-Fracking Korbach Resolution adopted

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the European Green Party has just adopted  – during their 2017 congress in Liverpool, UK –  the “Korbach Resolution” of the European anti-fracking movement. The European Green Party is a transnational political party having as its members Green parties from European countries (although not necessarily from European Union member states).

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The Korbach Resolution reads:

We address the following demands to our governments:

  • An immediate ban without any exemptions of all types of fracking with regard to the research, exploration and exploitation of fossil energy sources. This ban should apply whether or not the fracturing occurs with or without chemicals, hydraulically or in other ways.


  • A general import- and trade-ban on  “fracked” fossil energy sources.


  • A general ban on the injection of the flowback or the underground disposal of fluids and waste water.


  • A revision of the mining law. The revision must focus on ensuring the highest environmental standards and the participation rights of the public.


  • A consistent implementation of the political decision in favour of the “Energiewende”, i.e. a move away from fossil energy sources, a development of  renewable energies and an improvement of energy efficiency

Whoever wants to co-sign the Korbach Resolution is more than welcome to do so. The text of the resolution (and the form for co-signing) is available in several languages:

It can be signed by NGOs/citizen initiatives, political parties, companies & municipalities/counties from all over the world.

English Text & Request Form

French Text & Request Form

Spanish Text & Request Form

DutchText & Request Form

Polish Text & Request Form

Danish Text & Request Form

Czech Text & Request Form

Swedish Text & Request Form

German Text & Request Form

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