Glacial hazards increasing and below average sea ice – 2 articles

Edmonton Journal discusses how glacial hazards are increasing as ancient sheets of ice retreat, say experts. While the RCMP investigation into the Columbia Icefield tragedy continues, glacier experts say a contributing factor may have been instability in the rocky moraine surrounding the terminus of the glacier. Three people were killed Saturday during a rollover of one of the massive sight-seeing vehicles that carry tourists onto the Athabasca Glacier, located about 100 kilometres south of Jasper.

Nunatsiaq discusses how sea ice levels in eastern Canadian Arctic remain below average. “We’re looking at two to three weeks ahead at this time of year”. Sea ice in the eastern Canadian Arctic is, once again, melting at an above-average rate compared to the past 50 years of satellite records. “We’re looking at two to three weeks ahead at this time of year,” said Doug Leonard, a senior ice forecaster with Environment and Climate Change Canada. The news of below-average ice levels echoes that of last spring, summer and fall.

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