Environmental justice and racial justice are entwined – 2 articles

Two articles that show how environmental justice and racial justice are linked.

Inside Climate News discusses how, as protests rage over George Floyd’s death, climate activists embrace racial justice. Friends of the Earth tweeted #BlackLivesMatter, and the head of the NRDC promised “to be fully and visibly committed to the fight against systemic racism.”

E&E News discusses how flooding disproportionately harms black neighborhoods. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas in 2017, the neighborhood that suffered the worst flood damage was a section of southwest Houston where 49% of the residents are nonwhite. When Hurricane Katrina hit southeast Louisiana in 2005, the damage was the most extensive in the region’s African American neighborhoods. Of the seven ZIP codes that suffered the costliest flood damage from Katrina, four of  them had populations that were at least 75% black, government records show. Flooding in the U.S. disproportionately harms African American neighborhoods, an E&E News analysis of federal flood insurance payments shows.

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