Electric Vehicles – 3 articles

The Washington Post discusses how more than a dozen states unite to boost electric trucks. More than a dozen states are teaming up to boost sales of pickup trucks, school buses and big rigs that run entirely on electricity and do not pump climate-warming pollution into the air.

Chargedevs discusses how EVs are helping new players in the energy marketplace. Dramatic pricing changes, shifting cost structures, new demand curves and technologies that enable efficient decentralization are driving a dramatic shakeup of the energy marketplace, and new participants are adapting in their own ways. EVs make it possible to build smarter grids, including for the non-utilities that are pushing innovation.

Grist discusses ‘Million-mile’ batteries are coming. Are they a revolution? Electric vehicles (EVs) have a clear environmental advantage over their gas-guzzling counterparts, but when it comes to longevity, the two are in a dead heat. Two hundred thousand miles is considered a good, long run for a car built today, regardless of whether it’s powered by a lithium battery or an internal combustion engine. But if a flurry of recent reports are to be believed, EVs may soon surge ahead in this long-distance competition — not by mere thousands of miles, but by 800,000.

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