Does the moon hold the key to the earth’s energy needs?

This article discusses the ability of the moon to provide almost limitless renewable energy. Tidal power is the only renewable source derived from the moon. Now an extraordinary array of devices promise to unlock this vital energy potential

Using giant kites, blades and paddles, and mimicking pogo sticks, blowholes and even the human heart, groups around the world are on the cusp of harnessing the colossal power of the oceans.

The challenge is huge – seas have been battering coasts and sweeping sailors to their doom for millennia – but so is the prize: huge amounts of clean, reliable and renewable electricity for an energy-hungry world.

Taking on the challenge of operating in this savage, corrosive environment is not for the faint-hearted, and the costs remain worryingly high, as demonstrated by the government’s rejection on Monday of a £1.3bn tidal project at Swansea. “There is no doubt – shit happens during marine renewable energy projects,” says François Renelier at Bessé, a French insurance broker.

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