Czechs Fear Historic Drought Threatening Harvest, Water Supplies

Bloomberg discusses why Czechs Fear Historic Drought is Threatening Harvest and Water Supplies.

The Czech Republic is facing the worst drought in its modern history that’s threatening to seriously damage harvest and limit the availability of drinking water, a cabinet minister said.

The rain and snowfall has been declining in the past decade, while rising average temperature has led to periods of drought in the land-locked central European country. This year, the combination of almost no snowfall and warm winter resulted in a “catastrophic” situation, according to Environment Minister Jiri Brabec.

“We are facing an unprecedented season of drought, in terms of length as well as possible consequences,” Brabec told a televised briefing. “And it’s April, when water levels in rivers should be at their highest and the soil should be soaked with water.”

While the coronavirus crisis is the most pressing issue for the country now, the climate change and the resulting droughts will become the biggest challenge in the coming years, Brabec said.

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