Covid-19 outbreak in Polish coal mines heaps further pain on struggling sector

Climate Change News discusses how a Covid-19 outbreak in Polish coal mines is heapping further pain on struggling sector. The health crisis could lead to mine closures and further weaken Poland’s coal industry, which has lobbied against tough EU climate targets.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought Poland’s ailing coal mining sector to its knees.

A Covid-19 outbreak among miners in the southern region of Silesia is the latest scourge on an industry suffering from falling demand, cheaper competition and accumulated financial losses.

More than 16,900 coronavirus cases have been reported across Poland. The mining region of Silesia recorded the highest number of infections with around 4,000 cases – 1,450 of them miners and members of their family, according to the government.

The sector is now facing criticism for not doing enough to protect workers.

Polish health minister Łukasz Szumowski said on Tuesday Silesia’s coal mines had become hotspot for the virus and mass testing of miners was under way.

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