Coronavirus Wipes Out 5 Years of US Solar Job Growth

Green Tech Media discusses how the Coronavirus has wiped out 5 Years of US Solar Job Growth. The American solar industry is losing jobs at a faster rate than the broader economy, SEIA says.

The U.S. solar sector has lost 65,000 jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis, erasing five years of job gains, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

According to a new SEIA analysis, the American solar industry now employs around 188,000 people, down from 250,000 at the beginning of the year. Many of those jobs could come back in an economic rebound. Still, it’s a stark reversal for what had been one of the country’s fastest-growing industries, forecast by SEIA to reach more than 300,000 jobs by June of this year before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic.

The solar industry is now losing jobs at a faster rate than the broader American economy, SEIA says. Federal relief looks uncertain.

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