Confronting the chemicals that are worsening COVID-19

Environmental Health News discusses confronting the chemicals that are worsening COVID-19. To weather future pandemics, US agencies need to start using modern science to establish what is safe and what is not.

What affects how likely you are to die from the novel coronavirus?

The answer is clear: The older you are and the more health problems that afflict you, the more likely you won’t make it.

We can’t do anything about getting older except age with grace and tolerate the excesses of youth (as long as they honor social distancing). Health problems, however, are another thing, because they may have causes that can be prevented and/or treated.

Which health problems stand out as likely to make your COVID-19 experience deadly?

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and reduced immunity, among others. These are diseases that develop over a lifetime, and so you won’t be able to change them in the course of the current pandemic. If you have one or more of these diseases, protect yourself by taking your meds as directed, and follow all the social distancing recommendations issued by public health officials.

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