Colorado residents, environmental group sue city over plan for 84 wells

This article discusses a lawsuit filed by residents and environmental group sue Bloomfield, CO, over the city’s plan for drilling 84 new fracking wells. The lawsuit claims city manager violated city charter requiring protecting public health, safety.

After more than a year of opposing drilling in Broomfield, a residents’ group and an environmental organization said Tuesday they are suing the city over its approval of a plan for 84 wells.

Announcement of the lawsuit, filed in district court by Broomfield-based Residents Rights and WildEarth Guardians, comes two weeks before Colorado voters will decide whether to mandate larger buffers between wells and occupied buildings. Proposition 112 would require new wells be drilled a minimum of 2,500 feet from homes, schools and water sources.

The current setback is 500 feet from homes and 1,000 feet from densely occupied buildings, such as hospitals and schools.

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