Coal is clean? It’s so ridiculous, it’s sad.

This video, from famous climate change denier Fred Palmer, senior fellow for energy and climate at The Heartland Institute, lays out the facts on coal. Really? The facts?

They might be “facts” if you ignore reality. CO2 and other toxic materials are spewn into the air causing the earth to overheat; the earth is irreparably damaged by mining methods, especially including mountaintop removal; streams, rivers, and lakes are polluted by the toxic materials dumped into them; and the waste by-product from burning coal, coal ash, can’t be safely disposed of. We also have to ignore the coal-caused health problems to the miners, and to those who live near the mines or the power plants, or along the truck and rail shipping routes, or near where coal is stored.

But if we ignore all this, well then, coal is clean! Oh yeah – right!

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