Climate change reduces male fertility, could help drive extinction

This article discusses how climate change reduces male fertility, could help drive extinction. Researchers are honing in on a little-studied but significant consequence of climate change: male infertility. Could this potential cause of extinction and biodiversity loss also threaten the human species?

Men have long understood the dangers of exposing their reproductive glands to excessive heat. More than a decade ago, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey publicly admitted that all that time near hot stoves ultimately caused him fertility loss and a low sperm count. “My balls were burning,” he said, with typical bluntness.

From sitting too long with a laptop, to boiling saunas and hot cellphones in tight jean pockets, burning issues around the midriff have become a pressing fertility enemy for modern men.

Recent research is implicating rising heat due to climate change as an extinction threat for certain species — so what about our own?

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