Clean Economy Act will help Virginia’s economic recovery

Virginia Mercury discusses how the Clean Economy Act will help Virginia’s economic recovery.

While efforts to protect public health remain paramount right now, it is also critical that we look ahead and plan how we are going to emerge from this pandemic and rebuild our economy.  Sadly, we’re unlikely to see a quick return to the record employment we enjoyed before the coronavirus sent us into an unprecedented economic shutdown.

Virginia, with its federal government jobs in the north and its military work in the tidewater region, is better suited than most states to make a recovery, but it will still take a lot to turn things back around.

We need a difference-maker. Something that involves a commitment from both government and the private sector to a long-term economic program, building from scratch an industry that will pay dividends for decades to come.  Believe it or not, the opportunity is right in front of us.

Gov. Ralph Northam recently signed the Virginia Clean Economy Act into law, which requires that 30 percent or more of Virginia’s electricity comes from clean energy by 2030. Requirements ramp upward after that until, by the year 2050, all Virginia electricity will be clean.

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