Australia is feeling climate change

These three articles discuss problems facing Australia because of climate change.

  1. What happened to our electricity system in the heat? Coal and gas plants failed. Heatwaves and blackouts have been the talk of the town as temperatures climbed over 40C in all states except Tasmania, and once again the commentariat have gone into a renewable-generated bluster. Chris Uhlmann and Alan Moran blamed the high prices on wind power, Pauline Hanson called for people to use more power and Judith Sloan called demand management a bribe.
  2. January was officially Australia’s hottest month on record. Australia sweltered through its hottest month on record in January and the summer of extremes continued with wildfires razing the drought-parched south and flooding in expanses of the tropical north. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the January record on Friday as parts of the northern hemisphere had record cold.
  3. Renewables Restore Power to Thousands of Households During Australian Heatwave. As temperatures soared above 115 degrees Fahrenheit last week in Australia, fossil fuel-based power infrastructure failed in parts of the country, unable to operate in the heat and keep up with demand from air conditioners. Utilities instead relied on renewable energy to bring power back to hundreds of thousands of households.

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