Atlanta Charts a Path to 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

This article discusses the changes underway in Atlanta, GA, as they move towards 100% renewable energy. A City Council committee is considering three proposals. The goals: Make this Southern city a leader in renewable power and fight climate change.

If Atlanta can get to 100 percent clean electricity, then any city can, Al Gore said. Now that signature Southern city in a deep red state has a plan to do just that.

On Tuesday, city officials took their new road map for a greener future to the Atlanta City Council, outlining options they say can fight climate change, improve health and bolster the economy all at once.

They initially planned to recommend giving the city until 2050 to meet the goals. That would have been 15 years slower than the pace the council agreed to a year ago, but city officials wanted more time to make the kinds of changes needed for a homegrown energy transformation, rather than relying on buying credits from wind farms beyond Georgia’s borders.

At Tuesday’s council committee meeting, they shifted their recommendation back to 2035, after what a spokeswoman described as further review and consultation.

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