Assault Against Science Continues at the E.P.A.

This article, by Christopher S. Zarba, former staff director of the Scientific Advisory Board at the EPA, discusses how the assault against science continues at the EPA. The agency jettisons expert panels providing guidance on important health and environmental issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency effectively disbanded a scientific panel of experts on microscopic airborne pollutants that helped the agency figure out what level of pollutants are safe to breathe. The agency also dropped plans for a similar panel of experts to help assess another dangerous pollutant, ground-level ozone.

These decisions were the latest assaults on science at an agency that depends on science to protect Americans’ health, safety and quality of life.

The disbanded panel on particulate pollution reported to the E.P.A.’s seven-member Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, which is responsible for advising the agency on overall air quality standards. Now, without the work of that panel, it is entirely likely that the advisory committee will lack the time and expertise to provide authoritative guidance on the regulation of this pollutant. The same can be said of ground-level ozone.

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