A pocket chart to maximize solar power deployment

This PV-Magazine article provides a pocket chart to maximize solar power deployment. Researchers have built a matrix outlining how solar power in various deployment models generates benefits greater than just clean electricity. This will help policy makers maximize energy decisions with limited resources.

Researchers have developed a matrix (below chart) that shows 15 unique solar installation types and twenty potential “techno-ecological” benefits that arise from them. The matrix is coupled with descriptions of each of the 15 installation types, as well links to research which often times goes into deep technical and financial details on the techniques.

Dr. Rebecca R. Hernandez of UC Davis and a team of 15 researchers contributed to Techno–ecological synergies of solar energy for global sustainability. The document’s opening line notes: “the strategic engineering of solar energy technologies—from individual rooftop modules to large solar energy power plants—
can confer significant synergistic outcomes across industrial and ecological boundaries.”

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